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Updated on May 25, 2016

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General policies
The manuscript should be written clearly and succinctly in a standard Slovene or English language and conform to acceptable language usage. Its length must not exceed 5000 words for quantitative and 7000 for qualitative research articles, excluding the title, abstract, tables, pictures and literature. The authors should use the MS Word template, accessible at the editorial website. All articles considered for publication in the Slovenian Nursing Review will have been subjected to an external, triple-blind peer review. Manuscripts are accepted for consideration by the journal with the understanding that they represent original material, have not been published previously and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. Individual authors bear full responsibility for the content and accuracy of their submissions. The statement of responsibility and publication approval must be signed by the authors' full name. The author's (or authors') professional and academic titles must be included. If the article is written in English, the titles must be translated into the English language. In submitting a manuscript, the authors must observe the standard scientific research paper components, the format and typology of documents, and submission guidelines. The manuscript must be accompanied by the authorship statement, a copy of which is available on the journal website. The statement must be undersigned by the author and all co-authors in the order in which each is listed in the authorship of the article. The manuscript will not be submitted to editing process before the statement has been received by the editorial office. The latter should also be notified of the designated corresponding author (with their complete home and e-mailing address, telephone number), who is responsible for communicating with the editorial office and other authors about revisions and final approval of the proofs. The title page should include the manuscript title and the full names of the authors, their highest earned academic degrees, and their institutional affiliations and status. The manuscript is eligible for editorial and reviewing process if it is prepared according to the uniform requirements set forth by the editorial committee of the Slovenian Nursing Review.

If the article publishes human subject research, it should be evident from the methodology chapter that the study was conducted in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki and Tokyo. All human subject research including patients or vulnerable groups, health professionals and students requires review and approval by the ethical committee on institutional or national level prior to subject recruitment and data collection.

The title of the article, abstract and key words, tables (descriptive subtitle and legend), illustrations (charts, diagrams, signed photographs) must be submitted in Slovene and English. When the article is written in English, the title, the abstract and the key words must be translated into Slovene. The total of five data supplements per manuscript is allowed and their copyright must be obtained prior to publication.

Tables and other data supplements should adequately accompany the text. The results presented in tables and other data supplements should be presented in symbols as required by the journal, available at the journal website, chapter Guidelines. The authors should refer to each of these supplements in the text. The use of footnotes and endnotes is not allowed.

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