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Updated on May 25, 2016

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Slovenian Nursing Review: author/reviewer guidelines, manuscript submission guidelines 2016. Available at: http://www. obzornikzdravstvenenege.si/eng/ Information_for_authors.aspx
[25. 5. 2016].

The corresponding author must submit the manuscript electronically using the Open Journal System (OJS) available at: http://obzornik.zbornica-zveza.si/. The authors should adhere to the accepted guidelines and fill in all the sections given. Prior to submission the authors should prepare the manuscript in the following separate documents.

  • The title page which includes the title of the article, the full names of the author/s in the sequence as that in the article, the data about the authors (name, surname, their highest academic degree, habilitation qualifications and their institutional affiliations and status, their mailing address), and the name of the corresponding author. If the article is written in the English language, the data about the authors should also be given in English. In multi-authored publications the contribution of each author should be listed. Each author must contribute to at least two parts of the article (IMRAD). Each co-author will receive a notice on their e-mail address that the article has been submitted. If he/she is not a co-author, they will be requested to answer the mail received. The authorship statement is included in the system. The title page includes the acknowledgement of any financial assistance and the research group if its members were not all co-authors. It is necessary to specify whether the article includes the results of some other larger research or whether the article is based on a diploma, master or doctoral thesis (in which case the first author is always the student) and the acknowledgements. The electronic version of the manuscript must be in a Microsoft Word–compatible format and one copy in the PDF (portable document format).
    The manuscript file name follows this format: SURNAME OF THE FIRST AUTHOR_First_three_words_of_the_title (e. g. BABNIK_Predstavitev_rezultatov_dela);
  • The main document should be anonymized and includes the title (obligatorily without the authors and contact data), the abstract, the keywords, the text, the tables, the figures, pictures and literature.

Length of the manuscript: Its length must not exceed 5000 words for quantitative and 7000 for qualitative research articles, excluding the title, abstract, tables, pictures and literature. The number of words should be given in the document ''The title page''.

The following manuscript format for submissions should be used: the text of the manuscript should be formatted for A4 size paper, double spacing, written in Times New Roman font, font size 12pt with 25 mm wide margins. Obligatory is the use of Microsoft Word template available at the Slovenian Nursing Review website.

The tables contain information organised into discrete rows and columns. They are sequentially numbered with Arabic numerals throughout the document according to the order in which they appear in the text. They should include at least two columns, a descriptive, but succinct title ( above the table), the title row, optional row totals and column totals summarizing the data in respective rows and columns, and, if necessary, the notes and legends. There are no empty cells left in a table and the table size should not exceed 57 lines. Tables must conform to the following type: All tabular material should be 11pt font, Times New Roman font, single spacing, 0.5 pt spacing, left alignment in the first column and in all columns with the text, centre alignment in the columns with statistical data, with no intersecting vertical lines. The editors, in agreement with the author/s, reserve the right to reduce the size of tables.

Figures are numbered consecutively in the order first cited in the text, using Arabic numerals. Captions and legends are given below each figure in Slovene and English, Times New Roman font. Figures are all illustrative material, including graphs, charts, drawings, photographs, diagrams. Only 2-dimensional, black-and-white pictures (also with hatching) with a resolution of at least 300 dpi (dot per inch) are accepted. If the figures are in 2-dimensional coordinate system both axis (x and y) should include the units or measures used.

The author will receive no payment from the publishers for the use of their article. Manuscripts and visual material will not be returned to the authors. The corresponding author will receive a PDF copy of the published article.

The editorial board – author/s relationship

The manuscript are sent to via web page: http://obzornik.zbornica-zveza.si/. The Slovenian Nursing Review will consider only the manuscripts prepared according to the guidelines adopted. Initially all papers are assessed by an editorial committee which determines whether they meet basic standards and editorial criteria for publication. All articles considered for publication will have been subjected to a formal blind peer review by external three reviewers in order to satisfy the criteria of objectivity and of knowledge. Occasionally a paper will be returned to the author with the invitation to revise their manuscript in view of specific concerns and suggestions of reviewers and to return it within the agreed time period set by the editorial board. If the manuscript is not received by the given deadline, it will not be published. If authors disagree with the reviewers' claims and/or suggestions, they should provide written reasoned arguments, supported by existing evidence. Upon acceptance, the edited manuscript is sent back to the corresponding author for approval and resubmission of the manuscript final version. All manuscripts are proofread to improve the grammar and language presentation. The authors are also requested to read the first printed version of their work for printing mistakes and correct them in the PDF. Any other changes to the manuscript are not possible at this stage of publication process. If authors do not reply in three days, the first printed version is accepted.

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