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Updated on May 25, 2016

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[25. 5. 2016].

Reviewers play an essential part in science and in scholarly publishing. They uphold and safeguard the scientific quality and validity of individual articles and also the overall integrity of the Slovenian Nursing Review. Reviewers are selected independently by the editorial board on account of their content or methodological expertise. For each article, reviewers must complete a review form on a OJS format including criteria for evaluation. The manuscripts under review are assessed in light of the journal's guidelines for authors, the scientific and professional validity and relevance of the topic, and methodology applied. Reviewers may add language suggestions, but they are not responsible for grammar or language mistakes. The title should be succinct and clear and should accurately reflect the topic of the article. The abstract should be concise and self-contained, providing information on the objectives of the study, the applied methodology, the summary and significance of principal findings, and major conclusions. Reviewers are obliged to inform the editorial board of any inconsistencies. The review focuses also on proper use of the conventional citation style and accuracy and consistency of references (concordance of in-text and and-of-text reference), evaluation of sources (recency of publication, reference to domestic sources on the same or similar subjects, acknowledgement of other publications, possible avoidance of the works which contradict or disaccord with the author's claims and conclusions, failure to include quotations or give the appropriate citation). All available sources need to be verified. The figures and tables must not duplicate the material in the text. They are assessed in view of their relevance, presentation and reference to the text. Special attention is to be paid to the use of abbreviations and acronyms. One of the functions of reviewers is to prevent any form of plagiarism and theft of another's intellectual property.

The reviewers should complete their review within the agreed time period, or else immediately notify the editorial board of the delay. Reviewers are not allowed to copy, distribute or misuse the content of the articles. The reviews are subjected to an external, blind, peer review process. Through the OJS system prospective reviewer will receive a manuscript with the authors' names removed from the document. For each article, reviewers must complete a review form in the OJS system with the evaluation criteria laid out therein. The reviewer may accept the manuscript for publication as it is or may require revision, remaking and resubmission if significant changes to the paper are necessary. The manuscript is rejected if it fails to meet the required criteria for publication or if it is not suitable for this type of journal. The reviewer should, however, respect the author's integrity. All comments and suggestions to the author are outlined in detail within the text by using the MS Word function Track changes. The reviewed manuscript, including anonymised suggestions, are loaded in the OJS system and made accessible to the author. The reviewer should be careful to mask their identity before applying this function. The final acceptance and publication decision rests with the editorial board.

Updated on February 3, 2016

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